Hello Newbie!

Oh hi! I didn't see you there. Welcome to my blog Next Page Please! My name is Kaitlin and I basically run this circus- I mean blog. So glad to have you join us.
I write a variety of things actually. (Spoiler: Most of them are about books) Here on Next Page Please, you will find posts about books and my thoughts of them, interviews with authors, book-related tags, and there is more but we really would be here for awhile before I finished listing off what I write about. Basically, if you like books or want to get more into them, this blog is definitely for you!

But let's take a break from talking about my blog and focus the spotlight on, well me! You do want to get to know more about me right? (If you don't that is totally fine, go ahead and zone out while I talk about my love of books and lack of life.)

To save you from all the exciting details, I made a little list for you!
  • I am a teen book lover living in the San Francisco area of the oh-so-wonderful California.
  • Other than loving books, I love swooning over fonts (and those cute celebrities) but also am a golfer. Love singing as well
  • I would love to learn how to code a website and be a good photographer
  • I love discovering new music, books, and meeting new people who share the same passions as me. 
  • I lack an eventful social life
Here are some of my most popular posts:
If you want to see what books I have read and reviewed, make sure to check out my review index!

Did you find something you want to talk to me about? Well, feel free to tweet or email me.

Oh, you want to learn more about me? (Thank you, that's very very flattering) 

What's that? You want to follow me on social media? That's great! Follow away :)
So, now that you have read through this little page, do you feel more comfortable here? Great! Now, go! Explore my book brain. 

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