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Transferral Author: Kate Blair Pages: 194 Publisher: Dancing Cat Books Release Date: October 24th 2015 London, England, present da...


Author: Kate Blair
Pages: 194
Publisher: Dancing Cat Books
Release Date: October 24th 2015
London, England, present day. This is the world as we know it, but with one key difference: medical science has found a way to remove diseases from the sick. The catch? They can only transfer the diseases into other living humans. The government now uses the technology to cure the innocent by infecting criminals. It is into this world that Talia Hale is born. Now sixteen and the daughter of a prime ministerial candidate, she discovers that the effort to ensure that bad things happen only to bad people has turned a once-thriving community into a slum, and has made life perilous for two new friends. When Talia’s father makes an election promise to send in the police to crack down on this community, Talia can only think of how much worse things will be for her friends. Will she defy her father to protect them, even if it means costing him the election? Transferral , the debut from Kate Blair, is a chilling look at a world gone wrong because of its efforts to do right.


I got an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. None of my opinions are altered by that.

I was pretty intrigued by the synopsis about Transferral. The world definitely seemed super interesting because sickness is definitely a very common thing among us and getting through a sickness is not always the prettiest thing. Seeing a world with technology that helps people get rid of sickness so easily, intrigued me. I wanted to learn more about what happens with Talia and more about being able to transfer sickness. Transferral was a pretty good read but it did have it's flaws and I will get more into them later. But, if you like short dystopian reads with an interesting world, give Transferral a read!
  • Talia: Talia is a pretty good main character. She is not my favorite of all the ones I have read but I definitely enjoyed reading from her. She is a really brave character and I really do love how she stands up for what she believes in, even if that thing is against everything she has grown up believing. The one small thing that bugged me about Talia was how not smart she was about certain situations and a lot of bad things could have been avoided if she had been smarter about her actions.
  • Plot: I enjoyed the plot for this book. It wasn't bad and I had no problem reading it but I did think that the pacing was a bit rushed for me. It just didn't seem realistic with the pace this whole book was in and I think Transferral would have went a little smoother if the pacing slowed down a bit. I also felt the romance in this book was a little rushed as well. It was one of those situations where you raised your eyebrow at how people got together when they had just met about 2 weeks ago.
  • Writing: The writing style was pretty okay but I really was not a huge fan of how choppy it was at some points. It didn't affect my enjoyment but I do wish it could have been smoother and less choppy.
I gave this book 3 stars because I enjoyed the characters and plot but the writing was choppy, pacing was off, and I had an issue with the main character.

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