China Photo Diary: Skyscrapers and Skyscraping Trees

Hello and welcome to a super exciting post! So, if you don't know while I was on hiatus I was in China, running around and exploring. T...

Hello and welcome to a super exciting post! So, if you don't know while I was on hiatus I was in China, running around and exploring. Through all this, I took a shit ton of pictures so I was most definitely going to come back and share with you guys these pictures. I already showed a few of them on Twirling Pages but that post was very general. Here, within the next few weeks I will be slowly unrolling pictures I took from my trip and explaining what I did these past few weeks. Today's post will be covering the pictures I took in the cities (skyscrapers) and naturey (skyscraping trees) places that I visited. Also, reminder I am not a professional photographer, I just love taking pictures! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

I went to about 10 cities: 香港 (Hong Kong), 北京 (Beijing), 广州 (Goungzhou), 九江 (Jiujiang), 景德镇 (Jingdezhen), 庐山 (Lushan), 南昌 (Nanchang), 西安(Xi'an), 张家界(Zhang Jia Jie), and 深圳 (Shenzhen). 8 of those cities were city, cities and I didn't spend much time in three of them. My favorite city had to be Hong Kong. They had good dim sum, egg waffles and good ass food in general (more pictures to come). It was hot the whole time we were in these cities so obviously walking around was not very ideal but we went through it anyway. Okay so there are a variety of pictures here so I will be basically explaining some of the pictures, where they were taken, and the happenings in that city. Enjoy!

About the Pictures

1: This was taken on Ladies Street in Hong Kong! You may have heard of it but it's basically this long street of vendors basically selling cheap things. The things sold on this street range from fake bags, cheap souvenirs, toys (fidget spinners, everywhere), and really just a whole bunch of stuff. It's always super crowded and the sellers there are not most patient people but it's really cool to walk up and down the street though and see what (fake shit) people are selling.

2 & 4: These pictures were taken in Xi'an and 2 is one of the night markets we had visited. We went to two night markets, photographed is the suckier one haha, the other one had better food. It was super busy though, this night market. I think Xi'an was a pretty nice city! I didn't spend much time doing a lot of city things, most were going to the historical sites (them terra-cotta warriors and museums). I don't know maybe I'm tripping but I honestly found Xi'an so much warmer than other cities, maybe because we did so much more walking in the sun there haha. There were soooo many people at the terra-cotta warriors though oh my lord never going back there again. It was hot, everyone was sweating, and we're all pressing up against each other, trying to get places. It was terrible but honestly, I was in Xi'an so seeing the warriors was a must. Got it over with so I won't be going back there again! (Picture 4: Beiling Museum)

3: This was taken in the tallest building in Shen Zhen, 96 floors above the ground. On the top is this little cafe with (kind of expensive) food but it is honestly so chill up there. The ticket to the top includes food so me and my family kind of chilled up there for about 3 hours, sipping tea, eating food, and enjoying the view. Shenzhen has some bipolar weather so the rain was going in and out through the day. We got to see the clouds float through the city at like, cloud level. This picture was taken a little after the clouds started to roll out of the city. I loved the view from the building and how this picture turned out with the city and also the clouds. 

5 & 6: These pictures are from Beijing! We spent about 4 days in Beijing since there actually was a good amount of stuff to do. The 4 days we were in Beijing were the 4 hottest days, each day around 100 degrees or even over. (I climbed the Great Wall in 101 degree weather, not a cloud in the sky) It was terrible but I went through with it. We also went and saw Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square (it was very close to our Air B&B), along with Wangfujing street and the snack street! My favorite thing about Beijing was how chill it was at night, well at least the area that I was in during night. It got cooler at night and walking around the streets got so much nice then. I'm glad we spent a few extra days in Beijing because there was so much to do and we had so much time. It allowed for us to be able to see all the historical sites but also chill in the city areas. (Picture 5: A garden near the Forbidden City! Picture 6: A building in a really old city where Beijing opera was born)

The pictures of all the nature and mountains was taken from 张家界 (zhang jia jie) and 庐山 (lu shan). Both cities are on mountains but they're very different from each other. 

I went to Lu Shan first and on that day the rain was moving in and out so the whole day was most cloudy. Obviously, this weather isn't the most ideal for sightseeing but it honestly wasn't that bad. It wasn't cold so the whole day the weather was very chill, no sweating from the sun and no jacket required. I'm not even going to lie too, the fog made the mountains look so good. It was so beautiful and I had so much fun taking polaroids of all the scenery around me.

Now, Zhang Jia Jie is a pretty special place, as it is very mountain-y but also has a lot of these canon column things. The weather was a super nice when I was there so I was able to see everything. It's so beautiful, how all the columns have trees growing off them and stuff (Pictures 12 & 14). Through the three days that we were there, we were mostly just looking and hiking around the canyons. On the third day, we crossed a glass bridge between two canyons and think hiked down the side of the mountain and then proceeded to hike between the two canyons. It was about 3 miles in total, took about 3 hours but the whole thing was so beautiful (Pictures 15 & 16). I didn't bring my camera so the whole time I was taking pictures, I had my phone on the lowest brightness and everything because for those three hours, my phone was basically about to die. I'm surprised it didn't! I really loved Zhang Jia Jie though and I would definitely go back.

So yeah, that was the places I visited in China. More pictures to come, as there are 3 more parts to this series and they will be posted within the next months so watch out for them!

What do you think of my trip so far? Any picture you particularly like?

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