Hi! My name is Kaitlin and welcome to Next Page Please! I started this blog 2014 to talk about my love of books. But, in summer of 2017, I decided that I didn't really want to talk about just books anymore, so I relaunched and became a lifestyle blog! So yeah, here I write about books, shows, music, and many more aspects of my life.

Other than blogging, I love to sing, take pictures, calligraphy (modern and Chinese!) and also play golf and badminton. Also, I'm very sarcastic, have no sense of vocal volume, I have a thing for food, especially ice cream and boba, and binge-ing shows and books despite the fact that I know the aftermath won't be pretty. (emotional hangovers are the WORST) Oh! And I'm from the Bay Area so yes, I say "hella." You can also see more of my works at Twirling Pages, where I co-blog!

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