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Happy me! That was until I saw Insurgent... So I saw Insurgent on Thursday, I am here to rant- I mean share my thoughts on the movie....

Happy me! That was until I saw Insurgent...
So I saw Insurgent on Thursday, I am here to rant- I mean share my thoughts on the movie. With Divergent, I wasn't the happiest camper but was pretty satisfied. There were things that I wanted changed here and there. Honestly, I was excited for the producers to redeem themselves with Insurgent.

I saw the early trailers of this movie.



Like seriously, it's these little details that always bug the crap out of me. Like Tris's hair. What's with that. Yes it supposed to be cut short, but not like Emma Watson short! I remember very clearly that Tris's hair was cut around her shoulder area. No more, no less. It's not that hard! Dammit director slappers (People who slap the director every time they say “Hmm, we should change ___”) had one job! 

One of the biggest problems I had with Divergent was how bad the casting was, and the lack of characters. I am very picky with my casting. If you can get someone who is at least a year or two older than the original age good job casting. A+. If that's not possible, then maybe 3-6 years older. As long as the person looks somewhat close to the original age. Hey! Wasn't Shailene like 23 when she did Tris. Hi, my math skills are telling me that that's 7 years. 7 YEARS HOLY MOLY. Oh, don't even get me started on Tobias. 10 YEARS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was never someone who was a huge fan of Theo James as Tobias and now I know why. HE IS WAY TOO DAMN OLD FOR THE PART. Like you couldn't at least find someone who wasn't 10 years older. Oh well, what's done is done. Screw up the casting in movie one, haha you have screwed up the whole franchise. 

Just a thought: Did the producers seriously think it was necessary to have Four and Tris do the nasty in Insurgent?!

Then we have the way it was based off the book. Here is my philosophy: The reason a book is popular is because of the amount of readers and fans it has. A book could be nowhere without fans. We are the ones who spend money buying merch and books. We stay up late for trailer releases or movie premiere night. The last thing you could do is at least satisfy fans. Of course, not everyone could like the same thing. Don't you think it's kind of rude when a movie TOTALLY changes to story. We are here for the ORIGINAL story in a movie form. I read books before movies to know what happens and because books are always better. If you change the whole story then why did I read the book? Why am I even here? This movie was absolutely horrible when it came to how true it was to the book. Like at this point, movie producers have pulled a Percy Jackson. Everyone remembers how bad how bad PJO movies were right? Casting: Bad. True to book: Blech. I'm sitting in the theater thinking,”That the hell is this box?! This wasn't in the book.”

While we're talking about how this movie didn't stay true to the book, can we mention that three of my favorite characters, Lynn, Marlene, and Uriah barely got any screen time?! Uriah had one part in the movie! He is a pretty important character too. Then Marlene dies early and she didn't even say one word! Also, who the heck is Lynn and Marlene? THIS IS A QUESTION THAT SHOULD NEVER BE ASKED. IF THEY DIDN'T SCREW IT UP IN DIVERGENT THEN MAYBE I WOULDN'T NEED TO BRING THIS UP. Rant over.

Bottom line: I really disliked this movie. If you go into the theater with an open mind and low expectations, you may enjoy the movie.

So tell me: How do you feel about the Insurgent movie?

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