The Duff Movie Review!

Monday, March 2, 2015

This movie was waay different than the book so I will try my best to not compare it to the book too much.

Watch out for spoilers. They are minor but still there.

So I just saw the Duff and I have to say I enjoyed it. It was hilarious, touching, and covered cyber bullying (<- sort of). I thought it was genuinely a good movie. Okay yeah maybe I thought Casey and Jess were crappy friends because they gave up on Bianca so easily and we barely know Wesley. There were parts where I was glad the theater wasn't as full because I laughed so hard on some parts. The romance here was so cute. I would have liked it more if we got to see Bianca and Wes spend more time together but the parts we had in the movie were satisfactory. The ending was so cute! It's so funny because Madison's face when Wes was walking over to Bianca was just priceless. That part when she was rewriting her article was just great! *squeals* Yes yes I am a sucker for romance, judge me. I also liked the part when Bianca was telling off Madison because I was just nodding along in agreement (in my head!) at that part. The people in this movie seemed realistic except maybe Madison. Like seriously? She basically wants to be a YouTuber? With a pretty face like that and nice height shouldn't she be going into modeling or something? Just thought her situation was pretty fake. "Future reality star" ugh please. What talent does she have? Professional human label maker?

That's just my thought on the movie. So tell me: Have you watched the Duff? What are you opinions on it?

PS: Holy crap Toby though.