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Hello everyone and welcome to this very exciting post. The geek subscription service Loot Crate is looking to find out what fans and geek...

Hello everyone and welcome to this very exciting post. The geek subscription service Loot Crate is looking to find out what fans and geeks would do if they could create their own "Dream Crates" crate. Almost as if they were creating a real life Loot Crate. So, I am here today to talk a little about my crate, it's theme, and the items it will have in it. I hope you enjoy!

I thought about the theme of the crate for a little bit, and it didn't take very long because once the idea came to me, the crate was very easy to put together. For my crate, I went with a "heroines" theme. 

There was a lot of inspiration for the theme of this box. Fortunately, bad ass heroines are all over fiction so I had a fun time compiling a list of women for some inspiration. I had people on my list like Hermione Granger, Felicity Smoak, Annabeth Chase, and so on. 

I wasn't able to get items for every lady on my list but I think I got a good amount of them covered. And without further ado, my heroines crate!
Staff / POP! / Socks / Shirt / Coat / Choker / Eyeshadow / Pin

So, here's a little more to what is in my crate and why I put these items in it:

Rey's Staff. Rey was definitely one of the first ladies I put on my list when I was thinking of heroines. The new episode of Star Wars is pretty exciting and one of the things I am excited about learning more about is definitely Rey's character and her past, considering that there are lots of theories about where she may have come from. Not only is the mystery of her past very intriguing, I love how much of a badass character she is and I definitely do not consider myself as badass as her so having her staff makes me have just a *little* more confidence.

Rey Socks. Yes yes, I doubled up on the Rey stuff because the the merchandise people have released on her character is pretty awesome. I have also recently been really interested in socks now that winter is coming around. I always love cool socks with patterns or characters on it so if I could get my a hands on these socks, my feet would feel so badass (and warm).

Moana POP Funko Figure. Okay, so Moana hasn't come out yet but already I am so excited for this new Disney movie; really I have been ever since I found out that they casted a legit Hawaiian girl to play the Polynesian main character of this new movie. Dwayne Johnson also sings. And Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and sung some of the music apart of the sound track. Honestly, I haven't heard much of the plot for this movie but I'm already excited. And it's been awhile since Disney has had a female lead in their movies that isn't a princess so I am excited to see this movie and watch Moana save her people and be the badass teenager I'm pretty sure she is.

Eleven Stranger Things Shirt. Stranger Things has taken the internet by storm and has quickly become everyone's new favorite show, including me. I loved Eleven's character in the show and how strong and determined she is despite all the crap she has been put through and really does put herself in danger to protect her friends against the bad men. She also very much likes waffles and goes a very long way for them, which is something I would also do.

Hermione's Wand. If you thought I was going to make a dream crate with a theme of "heroines" and not include Hermione then you thought wrong. If I had to create an army of girls to fight off stupid men, Hermione would probably the first on my list. I have included her wand because it's one of the many things that make her such a heroine. She could definitely go without it but I like magic so the wand it is. And having a wand is cool and I like pretending that I can cast spells with them. :D

Claire's Riding Jacket. Okay so I don't actually watch Outlander but based on what I have heard about the show, I know that Claire is a pretty badass character. And the time period the show takes place in has pretty cool fashion when it comes to clothing, so who wouldn't want to be wearing Claire's riding jacket? It keeps ya warm, looks awesome, and makes people feel 200% more badass than you are already feeling. Owning one of these would definitely make me very happy and maybe motivate me to ride a horse?

Angelica Schuyler Choker.  ANGELICA SCHUYLERRRR. I will admit, she isn't like the other ladies in this list. Sure, she doesn't fight big battles, kill of big bad people, or go on big long adventures but she is still a heroine to me; a very much real one too. I saw these chokers on one of the Hamilton ensemble members a while back and when I was thinking of stuff I wanted to put in my dream crate, I knew I had to put in at least one Hamilton choker inspired by one of the Schuyler sisters. I went back and forth between Eliza and Angelica for while but ultimately, I chose Angelica. It's one of the cooler, less typical things in my dream crate and I do like having it in it as it does represent a heroine who fought with her words, different than the other ladies you would typically call heroines.

Hermione Inspired Eyeshadow. I scoured the internet trying to find Harry Potter inspired makeup. It was a little tough to find but alas I found a small company that had created Harry Potter inspired eyeshadow shades. This one is called "A Little Light Reading," definitely Hermione inspired. I went through the Hermione schpeel already so I won't repeat. All I gotta say is that there needs to be more Harry Potter inspired makeup out there because finding this was harder than expected...

Katniss's Mockingjay Pin. Yes Katniss Everdeen was the first name I thought of when making a list of heroines. There was so many things I thought of including in the box but I always went back to the pin. I really do think the pin means a lot for Katniss's character and really symbolizes all she fought for throughout the trilogy. She is a true fighter, and the pin really represents all that she has lost, sacrificed, and fought for.

I hope everyone enjoyed this fun post! I had a lot of time putting the crate together. And again, thank you Loot Crate for working with me on this.

So tell me: What is one thing you would include in a heroine themed Loot Crate and is there anything in my crate you loved?

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