Event Recap: Leigh Bardugo, Julie Murphy, and Cammie McGovern

Leigh Bardugo I woke up super early in the morning and my mom, Rin , and I headed to the ferry and we made our way across the bay to San...

Leigh Bardugo

I woke up super early in the morning and my mom, Rin, and I headed to the ferry and we made our way across the bay to San Francisco. It was already a few hours before the signing so we were able to get lunch and do a little shopping at the Westfield mall. Around 12:20ish, we started to walk to the bookstore, which wasn't the most pleasant. See, the Tenderloin area of San Francisco isn't the safest and most pleasant area... (Spoiler: We taxi-ed back to the BART) So, we got to the bookstore at around 12:45, which pretty early but, I wanted to get good seats so I came before the chairs were being set up.

(Hello Empty Bookstore!)
When I got to the bookstore, it was so early the seats hadn't even been set up yet! I got to watch that happen and have the horrible debate on which first row seat to take. After finally choosing which seat to take, the bookstore was holding a scavenger hunt! Rin, our new friend Helen, and I all teamed up and we were basically looking around the bookstore to complete the scavenger hunt, something I really enjoyed!

So Rin, Helen, and I finally completed our scavenger hunt and we settled down. I picked up a (HUMONGOUS) copy of Queen of Shadows since my library decided it wanted to take forever before it got to me (Library, it's all good. No hard feelings). By that point, it was about 20 minutes until the event so I basically just did a series of sitting around, talking to people (Like Ardis!), and browsing shelves and then saw Leigh walk in! (It was another ten minutes before the event actually started...)

Around 2, the event finally started and it began with Leigh doing a reading of one of her past works. (It's a Leigh Bardugo event tradition!) It was pretty hilarious, filled with Assassins, polar opposite twins, and mystical creatures... Leigh then continued to explain more of the story, where her main character (Who's name was Blood...) was inspired from and I got to know more about her! She then did a reading from her book and the passage she read from was about Nina!
She then took some answers from the crowd and it was a super tough crowd I have to say. Despite the fact that the event was pretty full, I ended up asking Leigh 3 questions! (It was usually because the crowd would have no other questions and I would just raise mah hand because the more questions I ask, the better!) Leigh was such a hilarious person to hear from and I really enjoyed listening to her answers. So, finally, the Q and A was finished and we all got in line to sign!

Because I was in the first row, it didn't take long for me to get my books signed. (PERKS OF BEING EARLY HAH!) I got to talk to Leigh about some experience I had with the Grisha trilogy and she was so sweet to talk to. She signed my books (With a Nikolai Lantsov quote!) and I grabbed some swag. Before leaving I grabbed a cookie from their refreshments and said hi to Genissa, who I really loved seeing again. After that and saying bye to Helen, we left the store and my mom, Rin, and I went a little UNIQLO and Macy's shopping afterward!

Really enjoyed meeting Leigh and definitely hope to meet her again.


Julie Murphy and Cammie McGovern

I left for the event about an hour before it started (the latest I have ever left for an event FYI). However, it was a pretty close to my house so I arrived about 25 minutes before the event started. This bookstore was kind of weird I must say, it was divided into two sections. I did wander around the front section/building of the store and I saw Julie and Cammie! (Did I say hi? No...) I asked the workers there on where the event was taking place and they led me to the second building. I then proceeded to go into the second building...and wander around aimlessly. (The room where the event was being held was being used at the time, that threw me off). After I learned I wouldn't be able to go into the room until it was available, I returned back to the front section of the store and browsed the Young Adult section (where I was tempted to buy so many books ahhh!).

After about 10 minutes of browsing, I decided to go ahead and make my way to the room where the event was taking place and that was 2 minutes before the event. I walk in, and it's empty. Like I was the first person to reserve a seat. I put my stuff down and wandered around the bookstore some more. (Yes there was a lot of wandering and clueless walking around during this event)

So, I finally went back to the room where the signing was taking place and just sat down to wait for the event. I didn't know anyone who was going so really I just sat there. (Ahahaha)

After looking like a loner for about 5 minutes, people started walking in and then Julie and Cammie walked in! I said hi to Julie before she had to leave to do her author business. After doing some further sitting and waiting the event finally started. Julie and Cammie both discussed their books, how they first thought of their books, asked each other some questions, then it was the audience's turn to ask questions! Now, let me tell you one thing, there were less then 15 people attending the event, myself included. Do I really mind? No not really. For one thing, the signing line went so quick and I never felt guilty about talking to either author for awhile because of how short the line was!
Yeah, so Julie and Cammie answered some questions for the audience and it was all a fun experience! It was then time for the actual signing. I had Cammie sign my copy of Say What You Will (A Step Toward Falling was still coming in the mail!) and we chatted for a few minutes before moving onto Julie. I had Julie sign my books while I asked her a question about Dumplin and grabbed a whole bunch of swag. (Ehe) It was really nice to meet both these ladies and I also got a picture with them in the end. I then made my way to the refreshments table and treated myself to brownies and lemonade.

Because I had to wait for my dad to pick me up from the bookstore, I got the paperback version of Popular by Maya Van Wagenen (a book I have been meaning to read FOREVER!). I was then picked up and the rest of my night was boring stuff.

Really enjoyed meeting these two ladies!

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