Top Ten Tuesday #11

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held over at Broke and Bookish. Each week there is a topic and we list off our top ten items based on th...

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held over at Broke and Bookish. Each week there is a topic and we list off our top ten items based on that topic.


10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

1. More bookshelf space
I feel like this is a struggle for all book lovers. It is so easy to use up all your shelf space when sites like BookOutlet exist! I mean, other sites I tend to sometimes lose control on but BookOutlet especially. It sucks too because my shelf is so tiny so I have a stack of books, just sitting next to myself because they just don't fit...

2. More buy more books
Books cost money! Money is not unlimited! If anything, I would love for prices of books to go down but that is less money that goes to authors and companies. Ugh, I know I could always use the library but I do love having a personal copy of books you feel?
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3. Bigger variety of books on BookOutlet
Mentioned BookOutlet above so you could probably tell it's a big part of my book buying life. I love BookOutlet on some terms. I hate how they mark their books but hey, that's what happens when I buy $4 books. I do wish they had a larger selection there though. There are always so many sequels on that site but other great books. A lot of the times the books they have there are titles I have never heard of and that kind of sucks for me...
4. For authors to come to my area more
As someone who loves to attend signings and events, I feel like this is a struggle I have constant go through. I live near San Fran....buuuuut it's a pretty tedious drive for me, considering the fact that I can't drive and a parent usually has to take me. I do understand that some places don't even have authors visit their town and I sympathize for you people! I just wish San Fran wasn't such a skipped over city. I mean I have seen authors have three events in the Los Angeles area and totally skip over San Fran! There may be a more in dept reason for that but it would be great if authors could give readers everywhere a chance to meet them?

5. A book about Nikolai Lantsov
Nikolai Lantsov, my lovveee. If you don't know he is a character in the Grisha trilogy! If you haven't read the Grisha trilogy then WHUT ARE YOU DOING!? Read it please! Anywho, I have heard things about a book or story about Nikolai but I would love for that information to be confirmed. I mean I love him so much so a book about him would basically make me excited to no end. 
6. To meet JK Rowling
I read Harry Potter when all the movies were already out. (I am still a small human! If I read HP when they were first coming out, I would have been reading them in the comfort of my mother's womb.) Therefore, I missed out on midnight movie releases or signing events. I can only imagine how crowded a JK Rowling event would be. It would still be great to meet her and if I ever had the chance, you know I would definitely do it! 

THIS. Ever since school has started I feel like I can't do anything on time anymore. This is just honestly a problem with my constant "getting distracted." *cries* Reading has been slow for me to the point where I am reading a book per week, which is very unusual for me. Here is hopes I get my shit together and actually quit wasting time doing things so I make more time for reading! 

8. More Copies of a Book at the Library
This is a struggle I constantly have been encountering lately. So, I have been trying to go the library more often and I absolutely feel so irritated when I put a hold on a book and I am like 82347982347 in line. (An exaggerated but you get the picture right?) Yes yes I understand I must wait my turn but if every library could purchase a copy of this one book, maybe I would be able to get this book within 2 months rather than 7?
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9. More people who enjoy books!
I'm not complaining about anything okay? I love my twitter friends who I can fangirl to books about but it is just not the same as doing it IRL. Like, I know a few people I can always fangirl to but if I could have more people to do that, it would be awesome.

10. Better book to movie adaptations
We have all encountered bad book to movie adaptations right? I mean, not to name any movies but Percy Jackson, Divergent, kind of Mortal Instruments (Okay, that adaptation wasn't horrible until the end). I have seen some good adaptations but I really want more good ones. Hopefully we get more because I am absolutely so sad when adaptations suck!

So tell me: Have you experienced any of the wishes I have mentioned? Do you have any wishes you want the Book Genie to grant?

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