Event Recap: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Illuminae Signing! (With Colleen Houck!)

So, I attended the Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff with special guest Colleen Houck and I pretty much had a great time and this post is here...

So, I attended the Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff with special guest Colleen Houck and I pretty much had a great time and this post is here to recap the whole event.

I arrived at the bookstore about forty minutes before it was starting and they were just starting to set up the chairs. I was actually on crutches (sprain my knee) so kind of glad I was able to put down my stuff on one of the chairs before I got tired of carrying around a bag of stuff and also be on crutches. Anyway, I got to the event a little early (like usual!) and talked to some people there and bought my books. The bookstore didn't have a huge selection of books there but the books they did have were all so good. They even had a copy of Winter there a few days earlier than it's release.

I believe they had Marie Lu at the bookstore a few weeks back so I was able to snag a signed copy of her graphic novel as well, which is so exciting for me because I have been so meaning to get to the graphic novel.

Because there were so many events going on at the bookstore, they had a sale where if you buy two books from the authors they were hosting, you get another book for free. I got two copies of Illuminae and so I was able to snag a free copy of Tiger's Curse, which was awesome because I know a lot of people really enjoy this series.

After I bought my books, I sat down to wait for the event to happen and sooner or later more and more people started coming in. There were a decent amount of people at the event so I can say it was a success considering the fact that this event wasn't supposed to be super big. One of the ladies working at the bookstore brought around drinks and cookies for all of us so that was great.

About ten minutes before the event, Amie and Jay walked into the bookstore but the event didn't start for another fifteen minutes.

So yeah, everyone is waiting for the event to start and it finally does. Colleen, Amie, and Jay start off the event by talking about their books, and how Amie and Jay got the idea to work together. (And also a hilarious story about how they met!) They then opened the panel up to some questions and let me say, these three knew how to TALK. They were asked questions about collaborating with another person, the future of sci-fi, handling character death, and I asked them a question about Random House's marketing with this book. Their answers become these stories and I love them because they answered the questions, opened new ones, and kept us all entertained for the night. Really enjoyed listening to them.
After that we did a book wave (kind of like a wave but you're holding books) which was really fun and hilarious because Amie and Jay kept making jokes about not smacking anyone with their heavy ass book and they then signed some books! I got in line and didn't get to talk to them too much (*facepalm* I was struggling to find something to talk about ahaha) but really enjoyed seeing Amie and Jay. Got some pictures, signed mah books, and snagged some swag. I also got my book signed for Colleen and she had these awesome embossers for her books. Stupidly forgot to take a picture with her but I had a great time meeting all three of these authors!
I then grabbed a cookie, all me books, and left the event. (I did ask both Amie and Jay if they could speak in an American accent before leaving though hehe. [Amie says can't do an American accent (but really? I bet she could) and Jay said a few things in an American accent for me.)

Had a great time at the event, hope I see there authors again, and I am also super excited to read Illuminae! :D

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