Three Ways You Can Improve Your Book Photography

Hey everyone and welcome back to another exciting guest post! First, I want to apologize for the absence. No I have not been busy doing N...

Hey everyone and welcome back to another exciting guest post! First, I want to apologize for the absence. No I have not been busy doing NaNoWriMo unfortunately but I had a huge project due last Friday and I basically spent the week stressing out on it. Yeah, I am back though and here to finish off this month strong! Today I have Alexandra, from Twirling Pages who runs a book blog but also an amazing instagram page just filled with books. She is here to talk about ways one can improve their book photography so I hope you guys enjoy and make sure to check out her blog!


three ways you could improve your book photography

hiiiiii! i’m so excited to be on kailtin’s blog today. (she’s one of my favorites *hugs*) if you don’t already know, i’m alexandra and i blog at twirling pages! *releases confetti* i joined the book community over a year ago, and it was actually because through bookstagram (books on instagram) that i sparked my interest to start a blog. and so… here i am! i’ll be sharing a few tips on how to improve your book photography. (because admit it: i’m the QUEEN of book photography) (that was sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell. it’s hard to tell through the inter webs.) (no, but seriously, i have some awesome tips.)

LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED. *cracks knuckles*

you know the saying, “think outside of the box”? well, the same goes for book photography (or any photography, really). it’s hard because there are only SO MANY THINGS you can do with a book in terms of photography. you can stack them, uncover them, open them… and it kinda ends there. let your creative juices flow and think of weird and fantastic things to do to your books! you never know; you might become a trendsetter in the process!

i like to have my photos look clean and cute. whatever you decide, stick to it! if it’s gruge-y, you go! if it’s vibrant, own it! if it’s desaturated, do your thing! i want people to look at my photos and think, “wow, that’s is so nice!” then think, “it must be twirling pages!” because of the way it’s set up/is.

be picky with yourself! if the photo’s blurry, take it again. if the composition is weird, fix it. you should have a criteria for you pictures. don’t just take pictures “just because.” i mean, you CAN do that but i can’t guarantee they’ll all be nice.

are you snapping at books already? (have you TRIED snapping at books?) (warning: it becomes strangely addicting.) if not, GO TAKE PICTURES OF BOOKS! it’s fun, challenging, ad ultimately satisfying.


Thank you Xan for being here today and I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know if any of Xan's advice helped you if you have an instagram page!

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