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Hey everyone and welcome to the first post of a super exciting project that I am apart of started by the lovely Jillian over at Jillian&#...

Hey everyone and welcome to the first post of a super exciting project that I am apart of started by the lovely Jillian over at Jillian's Books, the Blogger Positivity Campaign! This project is to help spread blogger positivity and get to know more people! So, without further ado, here are some questions that I am to answer.


Introduce yourself and your blog! Okay so, hi! My name is Kaitlin and this is my blog, Next Page Please! I live in the Bay Area and really enjoy the nice weather here! (This is getting of to an awkward start...) I started this blog back in May of 2014 and at that time, it was on Weebly and my blog name was Kaitlin's World. I then did some moving around with my blog and more fun stuff and in February 2015 I went to blogger and here I am! So yeah, I talk about books and my thoughts on them.

Where do you blog from? There are so many answers to this question. I blog from my laptop. I blog from California. I blog from my desk chair. I blog from my mind and these are just my published thoughts. Many responses, you choose which answer you want to go by! :)

Who or what made you the reader you are today? I have to give a big chunk of my love for reading to my cousins and Mom. My mom would buy books for me off the Scholastic Book Orders (remember those?) and I loved reading. She got me into books like the Ramona series, the Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing Series and more fun stuff. My cousins, however, were the ones to encourage me to read Harry Potter and that is when I really got into YA. I mean I had read Hunger Games before Harry Potter but Harry Potter really sparked my love for reading. 

Who or what made you decide to create a book blog? I wasn't originally going to blog about books. I started my blog to be a life blog but it had soon morphed to be a big focus on books. Now that I think about it, life blogging probably wouldn't have lasted long because um my life isn't very eventful haha.

What are your thoughts on the blogosphere today? I haven't been in the blogosphere as long as many other people have but I do really love it. Everyone is so welcoming her, willing to help, but also so knowledgeable. Really love talking to different people about different things and having so many friends!  

5 random facts about you? This is always so hard for me but let's do this:

1. I recently reorganized my bookshelf
2. I cannot function in a messy environment
3. I love mushrooms
4. I have been playing the piano for seven years
5. I am right handed.

5 favorite books you’ve read and loved? Good thing this question isn't only asking for one, because that would be way too hard.

1. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
2. Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone
3. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
4. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
5. Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

5 favorite book bloggers! I honestly want to list every blogger I know.

1. Xan @ Twirling Pages. Xan is the first person I would ever think of if you told me the word "aesthetic." Okay, she is the aesthetic queen. She loves all aesthetically beautiful things and not only that, she has a beautiful blog and I do love reading her posts and looking at her beautiful photography.

2. Bella @ Ciao Bella!. Bella blogs about everything. Food, fashion, books, everything and I honestly love reading the different posts in her blog. Her blog is beautiful too! I personally love her book reviews and baking posts. Also, her organization tips? (YES)

3. Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life. I love Aneeqah's book and writing blog. The posts she has are so diverse and I really do love reading her discussions. I am a sucker for good blog designs as well and Aneeqah has just that!

4. Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity. I really enjoy reading the different and clever posts that Jess writes. She always has such great ideas and topics to talk about for posts and I always enjoy reading them!

5. Grace @ Words Like Silver. Grace is my goals for writing and time management. I honestly don't know how this girl can write such great blog posts, edit a whole bunch of writing, take great pictures, write great pieces, and then on top of that she has school and lacrosse. *dies* Her reviews are so well written and put together I feel like I'm reading a poem every time I come across one of her reviews. 

Check out the other people doing this campaign!

So tell me: Are you excited for more of this project? I am!

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