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Tracked Author: Jenny Martin Pages: 400 Publisher: Dial Books Release Date: May 5th 2015  The Fast and the Furious gets a futuris...


Author: Jenny Martin
Pages: 400
Publisher: Dial Books
Release Date: May 5th 2015 
The Fast and the Furious gets a futuristic twist in this action-packed debut! On corporately controlled Castra, rally racing is a high-stakes game that seventeen-year-old Phoebe Van Zant knows all too well. Phee’s legendary racer father disappeared mysteriously, but that hasn't stopped her from speeding headlong into trouble. When she and her best friend, Bear, attract the attention of Charles Benroyal, they are blackmailed into racing for Benroyal Corp, a company that represents everything Phee detests. Worse, Phee risks losing Bear as she falls for Cash, her charming new teammate. But when she discovers that Benroyal is controlling more than a corporation, Phee realizes she has a much bigger role in Castra’s future than she could ever have imagined. It's up to Phee to take Benroyal down. But even with the help of her team, can a street-rat destroy an empire?


Tracked has been a book I have been meaning to get to for so long and I honestly wonder why I held it off for so long. I haven't read too many books that involve cars and car racing and Tracked was the perfect book to get me introduced with cars in the YA world. I loved the dystopian-ness of this book and also the plot and it's twists and turns that came with it. Dystopian readers who don't mind a touch of cars in their reads will definitely enjoy Tracked.

When I went into this book, I was so excited to read about all the different characters that are already mentioned in the synopsis (and definitely the ones that weren't!). I love her determination when it comes to racing cars (and winning). I could really tell she loved doing what she did and that made reading this book so exciting because not only did she love racing, girly was great at it! Bear and Cash are two great characters and I would honestly love to be their friend. One guy you hate but grows on your over time and the other is, well like a teddy Bear. (HAH GEDDIT. BEAR? TEDDY BEAR? YEAH? No? okay...) Both characters were a joy to read about and I can't wait to read more about 'em!

The plot is probably one of my favorite things about this book. Phee get's whisked away from her street rat life to race for this huge company and then she discovers Benroyal is not everything she has thoughthe would be and now she has this huge secret. THIS IS WHY I WANTED TO READ THIS BOOK. Such an interesting plot and I always wanted to know more about what was going on because there was always something going on and more info to find out! This dystopian world was pretty awesome as well. Hopefully Jenny will do a bit more world development in the next book because from what I have heard, it's prettyyy awesome. The ending was something I love as well because it set up Marked (book 2!) very nicely and I have an idea of what will happen!

The one tiny thing that bumped my rating down was how awkward I felt about the dialogue got at some points. Overall, it was great but there were a few spots where I felt kind of awkward reading because the dialogue seemed kind of stiff and unrealistic.

I gave this book 4.5 stars because I really enjoyed the characters and plot but the dialogue was a little bit awkward and stiff at some points.
Gah, that ending was so, I don't know! Faking the death and escaping and seeing Cash hurt and taken, it was all so excited but super scary. All I hope is that he is okay and we get him back soon!

I really liked how we got to find out about Phee's dad and about her mother. That was definitely a shocker for me and I am excited to see how that situation will come into play in the future.

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