China Photo Diary: Food and Polaroids

Welcome to part two of my China recap! Last time,  I talked about the cities I had visited  and this time I'm here to talk about some...

Welcome to part two of my China recap! Last time, I talked about the cities I had visited and this time I'm here to talk about some of the awesome food I had while in China and also the polaroids I took. I hope you enjoy and are prepared because these food pictures *will* make you hungry. ;)

1: 老酸奶 - I don't know what this is called in English, the direct translation of the Chinese name to English is "old sour milk...." which honestly does not sound that appealing but it's really good. Like, *so good.* I got this at a night market in Xi'An and what it is is basically a fermented milk drink. Weird, I know (considering its name as well) but it's so good and sold is many places. And, depending on where you are, the drink will have a different taste. The milk in the picture was good but I bought one in Zhang Jia Jie and that one was my most favorite out of the ones I tried in China.

2: 双皮奶 (Double-layer Milk) - This is kind of like yogurt, except it's normally served warm and is lightweight bland. We got this several times in China, this one in a night market in Beijing, served cold. One with mango flavored and one with red bean. I actually didn't know this was eaten hot until a few weeks later and honestly, I preferer it cold. It's also kind of tasteless so you have to have some kind of topping with it, but that's my opinion. I also had it warm and plain one time and oooh it was not good, definitely not as good compared to being served cold with a topping.

3: Lamb skewer - Not that special, I know but this was such good meat. I got this skewer at the same night market in Xi'An as the fermented milk and this thing was not the cheapest. Really good though because I would buy this and put it into a bowl of noodles from another shop. It was spicy (which I don't handle well) so sticking it in the noodles made the noodles and meat taste *that* much better.

4: 叉烧包 (Barbeque Pork Bun) - This is my favorite type of bun and is a dim sum necessity. Of course, I got this during dim sum during one of the numerous times my family went to Dim Sum in Hong Kong, the best place for dim sum. Apparently, the place we went to got a Michelin recommendation for the pork buns which, actually comes baked, which is different from the typical steamed way of preparing the bun. I thought it was still pretty bomb though and definitely different from other dim sum places and their pork buns.

5: 鷄蛋仔 (Egg Waffle) - This was my number one priority while in Hong Kong, to get my hands on an egg waffle. My mom made it a few times at home before but I wanted an authentic one, straight from the streets of Hong Kong. Funny enough, the two I got in Hong Kong were alright but I ended up getting like, 3 from a store in Jiu Jiang which I actually liked a lot better than the one in Hong Kong (oops). Regardless, they were all bomb and I will definitely very much miss it.

6: Ice cream - Y'all know what this is! I wanted to include this picture because I got so much ice cream in China (*caps* hella cheap omg). I got this cone in Jiu Jiang and was dipped in some chocolate matcha thing and only cost about 7 RMB, which is about *caps again* one freaking US dollar. Cheap am I right? It was so good and definitely deserves a shout out. We had to have gotten ice cream at least once every day.

7: 芒果班戟 (Mango pancake) - This needs to come to America what the heck. When I saw this in a small dessert shop in Hong Kong, I was so intrigued. I love mangos so I will eat anything that is a mango dessert. This is kind of like a mango with whipped cream all packed into a mango crepe thing. It's small and short lasting but as someone who has never had it before, I would love to eat these as a snack or dessert. I got this at two other places and both times, it was not as cheap as the first time I had it but I loved it and I definitely would want to try making it one day. 

8: This was in Shen Zhen, when my family and I sat 96 floors above the ground, chilling with the view of Shen Zhen. This was our first round of food, mostly desserts because we had just had a whole bunch of Dim Sum before hand. It's not very special food, just macarons, mango cake, a cherry thing (can't remember the name) and long with some tea. Very fancy, but super chill as the tea was bottomless and the view was beautiful.

1: Lu Shan - I took these three polaroids in Lu Shan, one of the naturey cities I had visited. I talked about my love for Lu Shan in my other post so I'm not going to gush too much about it here but I knew the view would look beautiful on polaroid. And it did! I got two pictures of the mountains and fog, along with one of me. ;)

2: Zhang Jia Jie - Zhang Jia Jie was the other mountain-naturey cities I had visited. Again, I talk more about it in my previous post along with everything that was in Zhang Jia Jie. This picture is a little hard to see, I will admit. The first two pictures from the left are just of the canyons and columns, and the next one is me with the canyons and columns haha! Yes yes, the pictures are a tiny bit dark but I promise it looks better in person.

3: The Great Wall of China - Again, talked about my trip to the Great Wall in my other post. (Seriously if you haven't read it yet it's right here) These pictures are pretty clear on what they are, one of me and the wall and another one of the wall, all the greenery around the wall, all through a little window in one of the Wall's towers. That shot took a lot of angling and squatting but I really loved how it turned out.

4: Shen Zhen and Zhang Jia Jie - These three are polaroids I didn't photograph in China so I had to do them in front of my closet door. Anyway, the first and last picture is taken in Shen Zhen, during that time me and my fam were eating above the city. The first is me, obviously, with all our food and drinks and the beautiful Shen Zhen view. The last is my attempt to take a picture of the view right when the storm clouds were rolling out. Problem is, there was a window, so I had to cover the flash and everything. The picture turned out okay I guess. You can see the city in the real polaroid, which is pretty good! The middle one is in Zhang Jia Jie, in a dried river. I wish the mountains were more visable in the background but other than that, I really liked how this shot turned out.

So yeah! That was the polaroids I took in China, along with just some of the bombass food I had. I hope you guys enjoyed and watch out for the last recap post, coming soon!

Which picture from this post is your favorite?

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