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Leisure reading, what is it? In my eyes, I see it as reading for fun. Reading because you want to. Reading because you can. If you're ...

Leisure reading, what is it? In my eyes, I see it as reading for fun. Reading because you want to. Reading because you can. If you're a book blogger, leisure reading is something you do a lot. Leisure reading helps you relax, connect with new worlds, and just learn more. I love leisure reading.

Reading isn't always for leisure though. You know those books you had assigned for reading? That can always destroy reading for people and it honestly breaks my heart when I hear the reason people don't like reading because "It's boring" or something like that. When you read boring books, you will think reading is boring. That is just how it works. Many people get assigned this boring book for school, drag their way through it, and never want to read again because they get the impression that reading is boring. It helps students learn but really, teachers should be choosing new books every so often so we don't end up reading this boring book written in the 1970s! (My language arts teacher this year had students read Divergent and that lasted for 3 years. We need reading assignments more like this one!)

However, I am not here to rant about assigned reading, no! That is for a later day. I am here to talk about ARCs and whether I consider them as leisure reads. First, let's get a refresher on the definition:
Leisure reading, also known as recreational reading, pleasure reading, free voluntary reading, and independent reading, is independent, self-selected reading of a continuous text for a wide range of personal and social purposes. It can take place in and out of school, at any time. -Literacy Worldwide
Based on this definition, ARC reading seems pretty recreational right? Personally, I don't really see ARC as leisure reading. Yes yes, you are still reading it on your own time but you also have to look at the fact that publishers are asking you to read them and write about their book. Plus, the best time to read and review ARCs is about a month before or after publication, so not only is someone asking you to read and review this book, there is an (optional) time limit to go by. That doesn't sound like leisure reading to me.

There is nothing wrong with reading ARCs though. ARCs or more like reading for business and promotion however, you should always want to read the book you're reading (unless it's assigned. That's when you just don't have any choice...) If you're reading an ARC and suddenly realize that you don't want to be here! You don't want to be reading this book! If so, put the thing down and read something you actually want to read. It just defeats the purpose of reading if you feel forced to read something that you don't want to.

Do I really mind over the fact that I don't consider ARCs as books I read for leisure, not really! I still get to read the books, I still get to enjoy it.

So tell me: What are your opinions of ARCs and reading them for leisure?

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