A Love Letter to Binges

Binge (n): a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess , especially drinking alcohol or eating. (ohp) Dear Binges, O...

Binge (n): a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess, especially drinking alcohol or eating. (ohp)

Dear Binges,

One of the main reasons why I disappear for weeks a time sometimes is because usually, I am in the middle of a binge, whether it's a show binge (it usually is haha) or I am binge reading a series. I love binges because I am such an impatient person so I like finishing storylines as soon as I can. Like you guys don't even know, when it comes to stories I am extremely impatient so I usually I try to get through things fast. I binge like no other, seriously. Books, dramas, shows, I love binge-ing them. There are good things and bad things to binges honestly, and today I am here to talk about them and why I love binges.

  • OTP get's together faster (duh)
  • You don't forget what had happened in the last book/episode/season
  • You spend the whole day in the binge. How relaxing! (?)
  • Story doesn't last as long
  • Drop off the face of the Earth for a few days
  • Eye bags? Eye bags.

I don't know, there is something just something so satisfying about sitting in your bed for 5 days, watching 3 seasons of the best show ever. And I admit, emotional hangovers are not fun. Believe me, after I binge watched 3 seasons of Arrow in like, 2 weeks (slow for me, but it was one of my first binges ever) I spent the next months crying over Arrow and it's Tumblr tag. This time around, emotional hangovers aren't as bad as compared to the Arrow one (I'm no longer weak muahaha) but they still definitely happen. Sure, people get emotional hangovers off of stuff that they slowly worked their way through but I definitely think it's not as bad as when you binge it.

And also, the main couples always take less time to get together when you binge! This is one of the main reasons why I am always so impatient because I really can't wait for the cuteness when the romance *finally* kicks in. It's still nice to enjoy the ride when they aren't together but let's be real here, the fun starts when the main couple finally get's together. It's hilarious because especially in dramas, I will race through like the first half of the drama, and finally slow down a little once the main couple gets together because I am just so eager to see them together. IT'S A THING, IT'S A THING OMG.

Sure binges are also kind of unhealthy, staring at my laptop or a book for hours and hours isn't good and I probably should exercise more often during binges but honestly can you really when the storyline is that *just that good*?? It's hilarious because when my friends don't hear from me for days and days, they know, they know that I am on a binge and probably won't be hearing from me for a few days.

And as always it's lightweight relaxing to spend so many days doing nothing but reading or watching a show. I will admit though, binges can be stressful. Stories are filled with so much angsty and drama and emotions sometimes *its just not fun.* Whatever though, that's what comes with stories and I honestly love looking back on binges thinking about the fact that I just spend the last 4 days doing nothing but sitting on the couch, crying over a drama or book.

I don't know, there is just something about binge reading or watching a show that I just love. I love being totally invested in a storyline for a few days and coming out of a binge shook af. It honestly is probably because I am just such an impatient person and I want to know what happens *now,* which is why binges come so easily to me. It's not hard at all to me to binge things, which is probably why I do them way too much haha.

And honestly, binge watching or reading something isn't for everyone. Some people actually have the patience to slowly work their way through a storyline but me? No, if it's that good I will probably fly through the drama or books. I love binge-ing things. So, binges, here is your love letter.

Some of my best binges:
  • Love Me If You Dare (Drama) - 24 Episodes, 40 minutes each: 2 days
  • Vampire Academy Series - 6 books, 2702 pages: 6 days
  • Bloodlines Series - 6 books, 2040 pages: 7 days 

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