2018 Goals and Resolutions

I feel like I do this every year, set a whole bunch of goals and resolutions for myself and then never actually do it but, I honestly ho...

I feel like I do this every year, set a whole bunch of goals and resolutions for myself and then never actually do it but, I honestly hope this year is going to be different. Maybe actually publishing these promises to myself will motivate me more to stick with them but I will be really pleased with myself if I actually do the things I want to do this year. So, with that being said here are my resolutions and goals for 2018.

Blog more.
I feel like these past two years I have had a really hard time trying to find motivation to blog. I also don’t really prioritize it as much as I used to. School is getting harder as well and taking more of my time so that's not helping matters either. For the past 6 months I admit, I’ve kind of just let go of blogging, I didn’t really make an effort to actually write posts and most of my time went into watching dramas and school haha. So, this year I hope to publish at least 5 posts each month and I am going to try to dedicate more time to blogging and drafting posts. If this blog is more alive, then you will know whether this resolution has succeeded or not lol.

Read more.
This kind of goes with blogging as well, these past 6 months I’ve kind of given up on reading. I’m just not really in the mood to read books anymore and I kind of want to change that this year. There are a whole bunch of books that I want to read (and series I haven't finished) but don’t have the motivation or time for so really, it’s a "me" issue on why I’m not reading lately. I’m making it a goal to read at least one book for the next 6 months and who knows, maybe I will find more motivation to read by reading at least one book a month.

Live healthier.
I admit, my lifestyle is kind of nasty. I don’t really exercise that much, my sleep schedule is whack, and I eat pretty random things sometimes, which is why I am hoping that will change this year. This is probably going to the most difficult resolution of this year. I am going to try to train my body to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5am every day so I can get more sleep and have more productive days. Just writing this out seems really daunting oh my lord. Time seems to go by slower in the mornings and there are more hours in the day to do things so maybe making my mornings longer will make my days more productive. I also hope to be exercising every morning because doing it in the afternoon just isn't as good as when you do it in the morning. It's different and I do feel more motivated in the morning than afternoon.

Write out my thoughts more often.
One thing I have always wanted to do was journal but I am the laziest person when it comes to journaling. I just have a really hard time *sitting down* and writing out my thoughts without getting too distracted. It doesn’t take long either and I honestly think it would be good for me but it’s honestly just finding time to do it that I struggle with. I am going to try to make it more of a priority this year in hopes that I will be able to write down more of my thoughts and memories.

Add more art to my bullet journal.
If you know me, you know that I absolutely cannot art. I don’t really draw and am honestly trash at it, which is why I don't do it in my bullet journal because I don't want my terrible art in it. However, at the same time I want my bullet journal to look more creative and not just the same old lettering and colors but some cute doodles included within my spreads. So this year, I want to draw and doodle more in my bullet journal in hopes that it will look cuter and more satisfying to me.

So yeah! Those are my goals of this year. I hope that I will actually be able to complete them because that would be great haha.

What are your 2018 resolutions?

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