The Playlist of November 2017

Every month I make a playlist, here is this month's: So here is the thing, lately I have been realizing that my month playlists su...

Every month I make a playlist, here is this month's:
So here is the thing, lately I have been realizing that my month playlists suck. Like compared to when I first started making these things, the songs in the playlists and the amount of songs have honestly just been seriously slacking. I had a very simple process when I made November's playlist: I had about 3-4 newer songs and the rest were songs that I added from past monthly playlists. A lot of these songs are honestly songs that I forgot about but I remember loving. I'm honestly very excited for this month's playlist because it's like being reunited with my old friends - songs I have missed but didn't really realize I had missed them.

Some favorites:
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift: I picked this song off one of my older playlists, one that I listened to before I started making monthly playlists. I've been listening to Taylor for almost 10 years now (about that new album...haven't listened to it yet ohp) and this song is honestly one of my most favorite Taylor Swift songs. It's super different from her normal stuff and I don't care how depressing this song sounds this was one of my jams back then. It was my simp song before I even knew simping was a thing. I didn't realize how much I loved and missed this song (and The Hunger Games aha) until this song shuffled in. I definitely had to bring it back into my life, which is why I have it in this month's playlist.

BOMO by Tatiana Manaois: I don't listen to a lot of Tatiana and I probably should. This is one of the only songs I really know by her but this is honestly such a fun song. It's a song that you dance to by yourself when no one is watching and sing on the top of your lungs in the shower. It's a chill song but super cute. I loooove BOMO so I am super excited to be listening to it again.

The Guilty Ones by Leslie Odom Jr.:*I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS EVEN EXISTED OMG.* The Spring Awakening is musical that leaves you *shook.* I remember hearing this cover and I was *shook,* just as shook as I was after finishing the Spring Awakening. This is a beautiful song and Leslie sang this song beautifully. Find me crying to the Guilty Ones this month aha...

Bulletproof by Melanie Martinez: This song was taken from my very first monthly playlist so I haven't heard it for so long but I love this version of Bulletproof. Melanie Martinez has such a unique voice and I don't know I can't describe it. I love her version of this song and I totally forgot about this version actually existed, which is a problem that I am fixing this month.

That was my month's playlist! Let me know if you recognize any songs on it

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