In Which I Try to Take Decent Looking Pictures (The Bookshelf Tag)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the bookshelf tag, I was tagged by the wonderful Amber @ YA Indulgences. This is basically a tag to show you gu...

Hey everyone! Welcome to the bookshelf tag, I was tagged by the wonderful Amber @ YA Indulgences. This is basically a tag to show you guys what I have on my bookshelf and stuff, I guess. There will be pictures so watch out for those. Hope you enjoy. :D (Image of books by newtsbookblog)


Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books-it doesn’t actually have to be a shelf!) and where you got it from:
I actually have two places in which my books go! One is an actual shelf (left photo below) and the other one is just a compartment in this little storage shelf I have (right photo below). Most of my books go on my shelf and the ones on my storage compartment thing is books I read when I was younger, ARCs, duplicate books, DNF books, books I may never get to, and chapter samplers. On my shelf is mostly books I have already read and some books I have not read, Most books are read because I haven't bought books in awhile. (Most of this tag will be referred off my bookshelf)

Do you have any special or different way of organizing your books?
Uhhh since I haven't reorganized that much from when I had a ton of unread books on my shelf, they aren't organized too strictly. I try to keep my series together (the second shelf from the top consists of mostly series), the top shelf has all my box sets, and the books stacked on top of the box sets are books I recently got that I want to put on my shelf but they won't fit anywhere else. When it comes to stacking the books, hardcover are always on the bottom because that's just how it should work. 

What is the thickest/biggest book on your shelf?

That would easily be Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows! (It beat Goblet of Fire by about 20 pages)

And the thinnest?
That would have to be We Were Liars. 

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?
Nope! Since it's summer I haven't seen my friends face to face in awhile.. plus I do rarely borrow books from my friends.

Most expensive book?
Well every book I own kind of costs the same so I guess the most expensive one would have to be the hardcovers I didn't order online. (I got my three Harry Potter books from the library book sale)

The last book you read on your shelf?
That would be Isla and the Happily Ever After, which I really enjoyed! :D

Do you have more than one copy of a book?
Yes! I have a paperback and hardcover Alienated as well as the second cover edition in paperback If I Stay and the movie tie in version.

Do you have the complete series of any book series?
I have the Hunger Games, Divergent, Grisha, Anna and the French Kiss, and Legend Trilogy. I have the To All the Boys I've Loved Before, If I Stay, Just One Day, and the Harp's Song duology. I also have the Percy Jackson series. 

What’s the most recently published book on your shelf?
Every Last Word, in which I am currently reading!

The oldest book on your shelf?
I'm not sure if this is asking the book that I've owned the longest or the book with the oldest publication date so I'm going to do both! The book I've owned the longest has to be one of my MG books. (I can't actually remember which book I've owned the longest). The book with the oldest publication date would have to be Fahrenheit 451, which I read for school.

A book you won?
Magonia! Which I very much enjoyed.

A book you’d hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you never let someone borrow)?
Um, all of them. 

Most beat up book?
Haaa These Broken Stars. I brought it on my trip to Jamaica/Canada/New York and it got pretty beat up....

Most pristine book?
Hopefully all of them?

A book from your childhood?
I don't have them on my shelf because they all went to my little sister but I did read a lot of Magic Tree House when I was younger haha. 

A book that’s not actually your book?
This thing I got when I saw in third grade. It's like a slam book I believe?

A book with a special/different cover (e.g. leather bound, soft fuzzy cover etc.)?
Haha, nope!

A book that is your favorite color?
Harp's Song, which is purple!

Book that’s been on your shelf the longest that you STILL haven’t read?
I got Exile when I went to the Story Crush Signing (Amanda Maciel, Kiera Cass, and Kevin Emerson)  back in March 2014 and I still haven't read it...

Any signed books?
Yes! My first signed book was the Selection. 

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